Call your security company, right now.

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Is your security company doing anything for you? Do they know anything about your property? Do they have any idea of what’s going on at your property? You can find out. Call them. It’s very simple.

Call them and ask them a question about something that has recently changed at your property. The construction or renovation, the missing fence, the moved dumpsters, the new lights, the parking lot re-striping. It doesn’t have to be confrontational, and they don’t have to know what you’re doing.

Why? What’s the point?

The person you talk to is your point of contact. When you discuss the property with them it would be nice if they A) knew who you were, B) knew what property you were talking about, C) knew enough about that property to understand what/where it is you are talking about, and D) knew enough to know WHY you’re having this discussion. Most security companies would be lucky to get the first two. Good luck on the second two.

Does your patrol officer understand your property? Not just where it is, but does he know your property well enough to really understand it? That’s actually fairly rare with patrol officers. They get moved around constantly and just end up going through the motions and looking for the obvious. The way most companies are organized they don’t get familiar enough to learn about the property, and they certainly don’t care enough. The properties are ticks on a form and a blur of seemingly similar buildings. Not places they know intimately, and instinctively.

And if the officers themselves don’t know these things how would you expect the supervisors, and account reps to know anything either? If they did have that operational awareness at the ground level, has it ever been passed up the chain of command to the person who you have contact with? Seriously? Do you think it has? And conversely, the things you discuss with your contact, do they really make it to the ground level?

You’re in charge of your property. What if your boss came to discuss a new procedure with you and you had no idea what he was talking about, or where this was, or why this should/ shouldn’t be done? Would you be doing a good job? Would he be pleased to find out you didn’t even know there was an “HVAC unit on Building 4″, much less one that had been replaced a month ago because you have a new tenant moving in next week. These are things you should know, right?

So why don’t you expect the people you pay to observe your properties to know anything about them?

Call them, and just ask. Then call us.

When our clients call us we know who they are, what they’re calling about, where it is, what it looks like, why we’re talking about it, and what color the new fence is, even though it was just changed a few days ago. Why? Because we pay attention, we communicate, we know our properties just like you do. It’s very simple.