Patrol vs On-Site

It is often said that Patrols provide 75-80% of the visibility of On-Site Guards, but at 10% of the cost.

Patrol Companies are vehicle-based security services that shuttle between different properties and make rounds at each individual property, and then move on to the next site. Then they return and check the property again later. This is repeated however many times the client wishes per night. This is in contrast to Guard Companies (alternatively called On-Site Companies), which have a stationary guard at a single location and he never leaves. Guard Companies bill hourly for their services, Patrol Companies bill a set agreed monthly fee.

On-Site Guards theoretically provide a higher security presence on a facility because they are always there. But they also cost significantly more than Patrol Companies.

Guard Services generally cost thousands of dollars a month whereas Patrol Services are generally a few hundred.

Patrol Services offset the perceived lower presence by bringing the higher impact and visibility of vehicles, with lights, equipment, their mobility, and size. Also, Patrol Services can often pay their officers significantly more because in most security companies the best officers are in patrol. So the client receives a higher level of service and attention than a low wage hourly employee. On-Site officers also tend to “get lost” or “camp out” in certain comfortable locations on the property which lessens their potential advantage over mobile vehicle officers, even when those officers are only present on the property a few times per night, their impact is significantly greater when there.