That 3AM Phone Call

Posted by admin - October 4, 2017 - Articles, Security Issues - No Comments

There’s a lot going on all the time. Some of it is critical, and some can wait to be addressed.

Security companies at commercial properties in Dallas have a range interaction with the clients. Maintenance issues, curiosities, break-ins and property damage are just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing the difference between what to call YOU about at 3 in the morning and what to send you an email about to receive the next morning sounds like a simple thing, but it’s a different level of interactivity for each client. Knowing each client and each property, and it’s needs, allows us to often manage issues for you without bothering you and just informing you about the things that need to be addressed on your end.

Having a partner that is capable of tailoring their service to your preferences and needs is more than just a luxury, it’s an integral part of managing your properties the way you want them managed, not how the operations manual of some security contractor dictates the call be placed.

Managing a relationship with the local police department is an exercise in tactical operations, diplomacy, politics and often just personal relationships. Too many security companies in Dallas try to act like the police force, not work with them in a cooperative manner.

When the worst happens, it's nice to have someone there on the scene who can handle things and report everything that's happening to you as it happens so you don't have to drive down there at 3AM. We're a presence and a representative acting on your behalf.

Roof access is a critical focus of security these days. Here is a roof access ladder that is normally locked, but tonight it's open. Fortunately we were able to secure it and send the client an email that they needed to call their electrical contractor who had been working out there and have them do a better job of closing things up.

Clearly someone has driven back behind a property, and it wasn't like this the night before. There isn't any contractor activity in this area at the moment so this is something that should attract security's attention, yet most companies wouldn't even notice it.

Copper Theft represents one of the greatest threats to commercial properties right now, and they're a very difficult situation to manage, but it takes vigilance, determination and a constant eye for the littlest of changes. Here a lock is missing from the electrical box.

This is a situation that will require close monitoring. It is back behind a building in a dirty alleyway, the area is covered in grime, and many people wouldn't even notice this, but to us it's clear that someone is trying to get on the roof.

It doesn't look like much. But if the manager isn't notified that his employees are propping a rear door to smoke and then forgetting to close it, they will come in one day to find that they're missing a lot of equipment.