Oh Good Grief!

Posted by admin - November 1, 2015 - Articles, Security Issues - No Comments

You really have no idea what happens on your commercial property when you’re not there, and often you wouldn’t believe it.

Our clients and their tenants work every day on their properties, and their days generally go normally and without incident. Most areas are peaceful and uneventful, at least during the day. But patrol officers see the craziest things.

Even the most mundane areas take on an entirely different character at night, and usually the people who inhabit them during the day wouldn’t believe their eyes if they saw some of the things that go on at their properties when no one is around to watch.

In this series we have a full range of activities. In the top left we have an employee of the company who has been out drinking and somehow found his way to the workplace and passed out. In the bottom left we a couple who have pulled in to the parking lot and were having sex in the car, with all the van doors open. In the bottom right we have a woman who says her car has broken down, but in fact her boyfriend is a copper thief trying to steal copper from a nearby property and they didn’t think the car would be noticed in the spot they picked. And in the top right……….I have no idea. Seriously, I don’t even think I want to know. But whatever it was, it needed to happen somewhere else.