Pick the Perp: #3

Posted by admin - November 15, 2014 - Articles, Security Issues - No Comments

They’re all doing the same thing, but they don’t all represent the same risk.

Often different people on the commercial properties in Dallas (even when all doing the exact same thing) represent significantly different risks. Which one of these people is the greatest risk?


The Risk in this case is top left. How do we know? This is an instance where not having a turnover of employees, or low wage uninterested employees makes a difference. We know this individual from the area. His name is Charles G. And we’ve had him arrested on numerous occasions. He’s a mentally unstable violent offender who needs constant attention and management. He lives nearby and we must keep a constant pressure on him to stay off the property or he would hang out there all the time. He’s attacked innocent people, and even police officers. He’s famous with Dallas PD for taking on 12 officers with a 2X4 one night.

In this instance he’s trying to lay down to sleep in a spot about 40yds from where there are 4 women working overnight in a tenant’s suite. We had him removed by DPD, who sent 3 squads to handle him securely………and the ladies working in the nearby office never knew he was there, or we’d been there, or had him removed. Commercial Property Managers in Dallas have a whole range of things to manage at their properties, and establishing good faith as someone doing the best they can to manage the risks is a good start.