Sales Philosophies

Posted by admin - April 28, 2017 - Articles - No Comments

Virtually all of the guard companies in Dallas hire from the same pool of applicants. And they train, manage, and supervise them from the same books, materials, and paradigms. And to be honest most of them have the same philosophy about their guards, and about you. “High turnover is just a given, and you have to manage it.” They do this with their guards, their supervisors, their management staff, and their clients. They survive because they can hire more people and they sign new clients.

We don’t have a sales staff. Not a single person. We rely entirely on client retention and growing organically through satisfied clients. And we do that by not having turnover in our officers or our clients. We are the same people who have been patrolling for years. We know our properties, and our clients. We know the accounts and take care of them like they were ours. Because we don’t have sales people to go out and sign new accounts.