Tools Matter: Focus on what’s important

Posted by admin - April 3, 2022 - Articles, Security Issues - No Comments
ISG Patrol truck

What do you want from your security patrol company? Do you want flash and glitz? High T attitude? Bean counters more focused on every penny than your needs? No.

You want a no-nonsense, practical team, focused on your property and getting the job done. Well, you can tell a lot about who you’re hiring by looking at their tools. They don’t get a lot of attention, but it separates the do’ers and the talkers.

We have all-wheel-drive Toyota SUV’s with 3 million candlepower of bright white light. No strobes, no flashing yellow beacons, no “cool” black paint jobs, no wannabe police cruisers. Tools. Tools to do your job.

Why? Why bright white light? Because it’s dark and we want to see. We want to see EVERYTHING. To do that you need enormous amounts of light. We project light 300yds. Yellow strobes are cute, and attract attention. We don’t need attention. We need to see through bushes and shadows. Why not econoboxes? They get great gas mileage, but you can’t see over any obstacles. They bounce like crazy on every pothole. Why all-wheel-drive? Because believe it or not it snows and ices in Dallas, and when it does we work. We don’t take the night off. We go check on YOUR property when everyone else skips the night. Why no ultra-cool paint jobs or trying to look like undercover cops? Because we’re not trying to be cool. You get the point when you see our truck, but you don’t confuse it for a police car. The police hate nothing more than a security guy trying to act like a cop. It destroys the relationship we build between them. They hate it, so we don’t do it. And we don’t need to attract employees who just want to look cool. They can go work somewhere else.

Look at these security cars below. Where are the lights? And when they DO have light they’re flashy and strobe lights, which disorient everyone including the guy trying to look at shadows on your property. What’s the point? Do you want to hire someone who spends their time trying to look cool, or save money, or someone who buys useful tools to do your job?

Look at this nonsense. This is the norm in our business for some reason.

We’re here to do a job.