Security Companies helping manage your Contractors

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These scenes are all small vignettes that no one would generally notice, but they are all problems alerting thieves to weaknesses, and providing opportunities that do not need to be provided.

Obviously property managers don’t generally hire a security company or security patrol service to help them manage their property. They hire us to help with security.

But often a property manager, after working with us for a while, and becoming familiar with the fact that we know what happens on her property in a far more detailed manager than she does, comes to rely on us to help with other tasks. Instead of seeing this as a burden, or something we aren’t hired to do, we welcome the additional roles as value-added services, and another reason the property manager wants to keep us in the mix.

A property manager has to manage not just the tenants and owners of the property, but also the issues and concerns, whether it’s the city and development, or contractors and work being done. It’s a frantic job. Especially if you’re managing a portfolio of properties, not just one.

We can help.

Do you need someone to check if the contractors started the job that day? Or if they’ve cleaned up their mess? Or if they’ve left the property exposed due to careless placement of equipment? Did they finish the task on Wednesday? Did they leave the roof access ladder or electrical panels open? Is that facility locked up after they’ve been in and out all day?

They do all of those things, regularly.

But no one is there to tell you about it. Until you start getting calls from tenants, or break-ins. Or if contractors feel they have a free hand at a property and no one’s watching, it makes it doubly easy for them to return, under cover of still working, and steal the equipment they just installed, or adjacent equipment. You wouldn’t believe how many times that happens. But when they know that a security patrol company has been notified of what their hours will be and when they would be there or not, they’re less likely to attempt such things, and now they know that if they were to come back later there will be someone coming by randomly so they know there’s a higher chance of getting caught.

Your contractors can be one of your biggest sources of issues, not just in getting things done, but in making sure some things DON’T.

Most major thefts on properties are employees and contractors returning to steal from the job-site. If your security company isn’t in the loop and able to handle a dynamic workplace and changing contractors and job progress, whether it’s because it’s something they would never even think of, or because you can’t effectively pass on information and make sure people know what’s going on, you’re not getting the most for your money.

Let us help. We have many years of management experience and can help you manage your properties. Even if it’s just looking to see if the contractor forgot to secure the roof access ladder when they left.