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Are you spending a lot on security?

Posted by admin - October 3, 2017 - Articles, Save Money

Is this what you’re spending $6000 a month for? We have folders and folders full of photos and videos of guards sleeping on posts that we visit, or drive by. We call it the Wall of Shame. It’s probably not very funny to them, it’s certainly not funny to the people that pay them, and […]

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Security Companies helping manage your Contractors

Posted by admin - May 21, 2017 - Articles, Save Money

These scenes are all small vignettes that no one would generally notice, but they are all problems alerting thieves to weaknesses, and providing opportunities that do not need to be provided. Obviously property managers don’t generally hire a security company or security patrol service to help them manage their property. They hire us to help […]

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Ways security can save you money: Sprinklers?

Posted by admin - January 23, 2015 - Articles, Save Money

You don’t generally think of a Patrol as saving you money, do you? And if you did it would have something to do with lower crime. That’s certainly true, but have you ever thought how a Patrol could save you money in operating expenses? Well, we have. Crime, break-ins, vandalism, property damage. Those are all […]

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