Ways security can save you money: Sprinklers?

Posted by admin - January 23, 2015 - Articles, Save Money - No Comments

You don’t generally think of a Patrol as saving you money, do you?

And if you did it would have something to do with lower crime. That’s certainly true, but have you ever thought how a Patrol could save you money in operating expenses?

Well, we have.

Crime, break-ins, vandalism, property damage. Those are all things you associate with the role of a security company in Dallas. And for the most part that’s really all you can expect from a security company. They are not capable of managing your property, and are not operationally geared towards management issues at all. But we are.
It may sound petty but something as simple as a sprinkler head can pay for our service. And whereas most companies wouldn’t even have an opportunity to recoup their costs in such a manner, we can. Because we’re not just a Security Patrol Service. We’re an extension of Property Management, and we look at your property that way from the top down. A single sprinkler-head can gush 400 gallons a night if broken. Imagine what that amounts to night after night. And who’s ever there to tell you about it?