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Ways security can save you money: Sprinklers?

Posted by admin - January 23, 2015 - Articles, Save Money

You don’t generally think of a Patrol as saving you money, do you? And if you did it would have something to do with lower crime. That’s certainly true, but have you ever thought how a Patrol could save you money in operating expenses? Well, we have. Crime, break-ins, vandalism, property damage. Those are all […]

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Pick the Perp: #3

Posted by admin - November 15, 2014 - Articles, Security Issues

They’re all doing the same thing, but they don’t all represent the same risk. Often different people on the commercial properties in Dallas (even when all doing the exact same thing) represent significantly different risks. Which one of these people is the greatest risk? Answer: The Risk in this case is top left. How do […]

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